Mas Rous

From 1872

organic and independent

depuis 1872

At the bend of a small winding road announcing the beginnings of the Pyrenees nestles the Domaine du Mas Rous.

A few kilometers south-east of Boulou on the road to Argelès sur Mer, Mas Rous extends its 32 hectares of vines in the town of Montesquieu.

The Pujol family at the will and the passion of the creators. Each year, she is in search of the perfect product, the exceptional cuvée. Like all eternal dissatisfied artists, always in search of perfection, barely a completed cuvée, a refined vintage, when the mind is already designing another wine.

Thus, the Domaine du Mas Rous produces no less than ten different wines.
This quality acquired at the cost of work and constant effort is recognized by numerous selections in renowned guides and rewarded with laudatory prizes in the various competitions.

Accommodation at the Domaine

2 spacious cottages
with terrace

Two apartments with terrace offering a view of the surroundings of Montesquieu-des-Albères and all the facilities for a pleasant stay with family or friends. 10 minutes from Spain and 10 minutes from Perpignan.