Wines appellation Côtes du Roussillon and vins de pays

The Estate

History of a passion

On a vineyard in Roussillon, distinct in its charscter, lived the Alberes family, distinct in kind.

Along a narrow winding road at the foot of the Pyranees lies the Mas Rous winery. A few kilometres to the south-east of Boulou on the road towards Argeles-sur-Mer, Mas Rous extends its 40 hectares of vines over the commune of Montesquieu.

How Blond becomes Red...

Michel Bizern's head of golden hair earned him his nickname "Miquelo Ros" or "Michel the Blond". On his land, which lay next to that of the Alberes family, he produced strong wines, grain and olives. In 1850, love promted him to settle and he built a house. The villagers also gave this a simple name, becoming known as "El Mas del Ros" or "The homestead of the blond one". Time and the French language then imposed themselves on this Catalan speaking area to change "Ros" into "Rous".

A transformation into wine

Jose Pujol, the brown-haired great grandson of Michel Bizern, took over the winery in 1978. He had at that time just completed his studies in viniculture and oenology. Meetings with the masters of wine, Brugirard and Torres, only confirmed his passion for wine making. While Michel Bizern was known for his more potent brews, Jose Pujol inclined to specialise and he planted grape varieies such as Syrah, Mouvedre, Carignan and Granache, fruity wines ripe with finesse.

Wine grower and creator

Armed with the desire to create, Jose Pujol each year set out to produce the perfect wine. But, like all true artists, he was also never quite satisfied with the perfection he created. No sooner than one vintage is made, he moves on to perfecting the next. No less than 11 different wines are now produced by the winery. The quality associated with the MAS Rous label is the result of dedication, continuous effort and passion.

It has been recognised by experts in the field who often mention the Mas Rous wines in various renowned wine publications. Its quality has also been recognised by the many medals it has won in different international competions.